Send automatic reminders to your customers

If you want, the software will automatically send reminders to your clients to remind them of their upcoming appointments at your pet training service.

send automatic notifications to customers pet training

How does it work?


1. When you add a new pet training appointment, you can select if you want the software to send reminders of that customer for this appointmet.

2. You can add as many as you want (7 days before, 2 days before, ... on the date you want)

send auto reminder customer dog grooming

3. When that date/time arrives, the software will automatically send the reminder to the customer

4. You can see all the reminders scheduled, sent, ...


It helps you with:

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Reduce failed appointments at your business

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Avoid periods of inactivity of your employees

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Build loyalty to your customers and improve their experience

Enhancing the image of your business

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Name and logo

Configure the name of your business and logo that you want to appear in the reminder.

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Footer information

Add information at the email footer: contact information, legal info or some special text, whatever you want.

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"Template" text

If you want to include additional information, you can save it as a template so you don't have to type it every time.

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The appointment data

are filled in automatically: name of the animals, date and time of the appointment.

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how the reminder email that your customers will receive will look like.

reservas hotel animales


  • You can configure, if you want the software to notify you, when you add a reminder for a customer who has not agreed to contact them.

  • Directly from that warning message, you can access the client's file to view/modify the information regarding Privacy/GPRD

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