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For all types of kennels and boarding of dogs, cats and other pets. Control your kennel easily. Fully configurable and accessible from all your devices.
Take care only what is truly important: your business. Try it for free!

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software for kennels

Total management of your kennel


For hotels, kennels and catteries. For Dogs, Cats, and other pets. Booking, check-in, check-out and the occupancy status of your business at a glance. Configured Room or kennels.


Online booking from your website

programa pensionado canino

Customers visiting your website can make online reservations. These are automatically recorded in your app and you can confirm it directly from your app.


Also available for Facebook pages and CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, Blogger, ...)

booking facebook

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The most complete software


It includes everything you need and the most useful and innovative features. Forget the old software and go to Gespet, a latest generation software for all your devices!


probar programa gratis hotel perros

Full control of animals & accommodations

  • Before a new appointment or service, displayed if this customer have unpaid bills

  • Trasport or Door-to-door info

  • Previous Appointments & stays

  • Vet info & important info

  • Warnings & alerts

programa de gestión residencia canina

It works on any device because it's a cloud app


How does the Pet Hotel software works?


Online booking from your website or Facebook Page

  • Powerful dashobard with:

    • Booking and kennel control at a glace

    • Notice Pending booking and check-in/check-out comming soon

    • Quickly Access to social media (facebook, twitter..) to promotion or advertising

    • Statistical graphics, search engine and shortcut buttons for the main functions

  • Advanced Booking manage (short, medium and long term booking)

  • Make phone calls, chat with whatsapp or send an email to your customers, without leaving your app, just, click on or .

  • Check-in and Check-out quickly edit

  • Kennels/room management, other facilities and treatments

  • Full control of revenues, expenses and profits of the business

  • Get all the important customer information in the new Magic Desk screen: sales, billing, contact information, notes, warnings, important information, all at a glance

  • Contact data, email ,phones , Whatssapp , Skype ...

  • Access to customer's Animal sheet

  • Store for documents, contracts, ...

  • Observations, comments and additional information

  • Generate alerts and warnings for each customer

  • For all types of pets: dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, ...

  • Dashboard with hot info: Money spent in the hotel number of stays, average spend per stay, profitability ...

  • Name, breed, color, sex, photo and all information

  • Detail vaccines

  • Vet and health info

  • Owner contact Information

  • Door-to-door advanced information

  • Observations, comments and additional information

  • Meals and breaks advanced planning

  • Store for documents, contracts, ...

  • Generate alerts and warnings for each animal


  • Several users can access from different devices simultaneously


  • Configured for local kennels, shelters, pet boarding, and hotels of any animal: dogs, cats, horses, ...

  • Advanced settings for services and prices

  • Graphical Settings: customize invoices, reports, stocks, ... with your own logo

  • Features of your business: ouput time, applicable taxes, company data and billing number

  • Kennel occupation status

  • Customers and animals list

  • Billing

  • Accounting

  • Unpaid bills

  • Billing estimation

  • Expected billing

  • Most usual customers

  • Most profitable customers

  • Most frequent animals

  • Most profitable animals (animals that generate more profits)

  • Most used rooms

  • Expenses

  • Most profitable kennel services

  • Most frequent kennel services

  • Customers addresses

  • Most frequent customers location

  • Reports with Graphs to improve your advertising campaigns


  • Include unlimited tasks with date, description, priority and details

  • Diary to annotate events with date, description, priority and details

  • Alerts for tasks and calendar events.

  • Alerts for pending booking and check-in/check-out comming soon


  • Generate and print invoices with and without taxes

  • Configure taxes


  • Billing by business. Work with the total billing or by business

  • Cash management clients and unpaid bills


  • Personal and contact data

  • Employment Information:

    • Contracting and firing dates

    • Education, professional category and CV/Resumé

    • Labor data: Social Security, Salary and ability to mark a percentage commission on services

    • Bank details: Account, bank, etc..

    • Documents, contracts, etc. ..

  • Comments and important information


Products suppliers with all the information:

  • General and contact details: name, complete address, phone, fax, email, contact person, etc. ..

  • Information ordering and payments:

    • Payment

    • Taxes, surcharges and discounts equivalence

    • Payment and expiration dates

    • Type of transportation and distribution costs

    • Bank Details

We are in constant evolution, developing new features and improvements. Always you have the latest version without additional cost.

  • You must have internet access to use de App

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