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The most complete program for breeding and pedigree. Complete control of breeding, litters and puppies. Auto Pedigree Generator with photographs, genetic, info and line breeding. Calculates the inbreeding coefficient.

Take care only what is truly important: your business. Try it for free!

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Line breeding and inbreeding coefficient calculator


The only app to manage the genetic line of reproductive with inbreeding calculation using the Hardiman. Name, photo, prizes and information of interest of individual animals to 5 generations.


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Planned litters and booking of puppies


Plan the next litters, record booking of future puppies with or without money deposit. When the litter is born, assigns the puppies to the customers who reserved them.


inbreeding coefficient calculator

Female heat, matings and births


Automatic calculus of the next female heats. Management of female heats and matings with many information. Automatic calculation of birth date and automatic warnings in home page of female heats and births coming soon.


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Monitoring and evolution of puppies

You can see the evolution of weight and size of the pups displayed in a graph in real time. Control of each puppy with all the veterinary information, photos and data registration and pedigree is automatically generated.


software for breeders, dog breed, dog for sale software

Pedigree generator


Store and print the pedigree to 5 generations with information, photos, and important genetic information. The pedigree of puppies is automatically generated.

software pedigree, line breeding software

Sales and Billing


Management litters of puppies. Profitability per litter: controlling expenses and income. Billing with or without tax and advanced reporting of acounting, profitability litters and breeders and more.


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The most complete software


It includes everything you need and the most useful and innovative features. Forget the old software and go to Gespet, a latest generation software for all your devices!


  • Powerful dashobard with:

    • Warning of birth planned

    • Warnings for the next female's heat

    • Quickly Access to social media (facebook, twitter..) to promotion or advertising

    • Statistical graphics, search engine and shortcut buttons for the main functions

  • Booking sale of animals (including future litters) and ability to sell directly from a booking

  • Make phone calls, chat with whatsapp or send an email to your customers, without leaving your app, just, click on or .

  • Kennels/room management, other facilities and treatments

  • Full control of revenues, expenses and profits of the business

  • Plan future litters

  • Record booking for this litters

  • When making a new booking, print your conditions documents, return policy, ...

  • Includes deposits of money associated with a booking

  • When the sale is made, the money in deposit is deducted from the total

  • Delete reservations with or without deposit refund

  • When the puppies are born, associate with the booking according to the preference of the customer

  • Dam % Sire info (Progenitors data)

  • Insemination date and date of birth (calculated automatically from the insemination)

  • Warning of next birth planned

  • Birth date and details: duration, complications, etc. ..

  • Birth result: Females and males born and deaths

  • Health Book

  • Costs Book (food, vaccines, treatments ...)

  • Puppies pedigree with line breeding automatically generated

  • Puppies evolution: weight and size

  • Puppies booking

  • Comments and annotations

  • Puppies Documents: pedigree, contracts, cession contract, etc..


  • Female information

  • Start and end heat

  • Warnings for the next heat

  • Result: indicate that female has been inseminated

  • Inseminations management: date, male and result

  • Comments and annotations


  • Male and female information

  • Mating information: date, time, result adn notes

  • Warnings for the next heat

  • Comments and annotations

  • The pedigree is automatically generated with the male and female parents

 The only app with inbreeding coefficient calculator

  • inbreeding coefficient calculator

  • Pedigree generator (family tree) with five previous generations, info and photos

  • Print pedigree document

  • For Litters, the pedigree is automatically generated with the male and female parents

  • Animal General Information:

    • Comun name and Pedigree Name

    • Breed, color, pelage, gender

    • Date of Birth

    • Vaccines

    • Photo

    • Details, comments and observations

  • Litters management of that animal (mating date, date of birth, puppies births and deaths, comments, ...)

  • Heat management for females with warnings for the next heat

  • Store for documents: pedigree, contracts, cession contract, etc..

  • Breeder information: name, contact, documents ...

  • Veterinary information

  • Information owners: general and contact information

  • Sales information: date, owner, sales price, and sale contract document

  • Animal Costs-Book (food, vaccines, treatments ...)


  • Get all the important customer information in the new Magic Desk screen: sales, billing, contact information, notes, warnings, important information, all at a glance

  • Contact data, email ,phones , Whatssapp , Skype ...

  • Dashboard with hot info

  • Access to customer's Animal sheet

  • Store for documents, contracts, ...

  • Observations, comments and additional information

  • Generate alerts and warnings for each customer


  • Several users can access from different devices simultaneously


  • Advanced settings for all services and prices

  • Graphical Settings: customize invoices, reports, stocks, ... with your own logo

  • Features of your business: applicable taxes, company data and billing number


  • Customers and animals list

  • Billing

  • Accounting

  • Expected billing

  • Unpaid bills

  • Progenitors profit report

  • Animal health

  • Expenses per animal

  • Animal Billing

  • Profitability per animal

  • Litters

  • Litter health

  • Litter profitability

  • Litter expenses

  • Litter billing

  • Most usual customers

  • Most profitable customers

  • Most frequent customers location

  • Customers addresses

  • Most frecuent customers location

  • Reports with Graphs to improve your advertising campaigns


  • Include unlimited tasks with date, description, priority and details

  • Diary to annotate events with date, description, priority and details

  • Alerts for tasks and calendar events.

  • Reminders on the home screen for generated alerts for customers

  • Reminders on the home screen for generated alerts for animals


  • Generate and print invoices with and without taxes

  • Configure taxes


  • Billing by business. Work with the total billing or by business

  • Cash management clients and unpaid bills


  • Personal and contact data

  • Employment Information:

    • Contracting and firing dates

    • Education, professional category and CV/Resumé

    • Labor data: Social Security, Salary and ability to mark a percentage commission on services

    • Bank details: Account, bank, etc..

    • Documents, contracts, etc. ..

  • Comments and important information


Products suppliers with all the information
  • General and contact details: name, complete address, phone, fax, email, contact person, etc. ..

  • Information ordering and payments:

    • Payment

    • Taxes, surcharges and discounts equivalence

    • Payment and expiration dates

    • Type of transportation and distribution costs

    • Bank Details

We are in constant evolution, developing new features and improvements. Always you have the latest version without additional cost.

  • You must have internet access to use de App

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