send animal information and print animal information

Print and send by email the sheets

We want to show you the latest feature that we have included in the software.

As you know, in the software we have created “Magic Desks”, which allow you to consult all the information and do numerous tasks that will make your work much easier, “Like magic”.

In addition to seeing the information on the screen, we know that sometimes it is useful for you to print it. You can Print the File, for example, on a customer’s printable sheet is all their important information and contact details.

For example, you can:

  • You can send it by email

  • Save it on your device, for example on your computer

  • You can print it for your registry

  • Or to place it in your facilities, for example at the door of the room/kennel

You decide it. All important information, in the same document for what you need.

send dog file by email

Print and send by email the product sheet

We’ve redesigned those sheets to have a more pleasing design, improved readability, and included additional information. In short, they are now prettier and also include more information.

But that’s not all, we have also included the option to send it by email. Sometimes it can be very convenient for you, for example, sending the animal’s sheet directly to the veterinarian by email.

Well now you can do it directly from the software.


send animal file by email

Print and send by email the animal sheet

  • The printable customer’s sheet in the View > Customers > Magic Desk option

  • The printable animal’s sheet in the View > Animals > Magic Desk option

  • The printable supplier’s sheet in the View > Supplier > Magic Desk option

  • The printable veterinary’s sheet in the View > Veterinaries > Magic Desk option

  • The printable employee’s sheet in the Settings > Employees > Magic Desk option

  • The printable breeder’s sheet in the View > Breeders > Magic Desk option

  • The printable product’s sheet in the View > Products > Magic Desk option

Did you find it interesting?
If you have any questions, you want to propose that we write a help guide or a post on a topic or you just want to chat with us, don't hesitate. We are delighted to talk with you and get your opinion.

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