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You can cancel appointments and notify the customer

July, 05, 2023   |   Pet Hotel | Pet Grooming | Pet Day-Care | Pet Training

One of the biggest challenges for your business is appointment management. Proper planning and management of appointments play a crucial role in maintaining smooth operations for your business.

As specialists in the pet industry, we understand your needs and the major difficulties you face in your business. We put ourselves in your shoes, we understand you, and we work to offer you the best solutions.

Cancellations of reservations or appointments are unavoidable but can have a significant impact on productivity, especially in cases where clients do not show up without prior notice.

To help you manage this, we have introduced an interesting new feature in the software. Until now, you could simply delete a reservation. Now, in addition to that, you have the option to CANCEL THE APPOINTMENT/BOOKING.

What is it for? For example, if the customer does not show up for the appointment, calls to cancel it, or if you need to cancel it for any reason... you can cancel it and there will be a record of that cancellation.

The software is your best assistant and it remembers everything for you. When you go to enter a new reservation, you will see the latest canceled reservations for that customer and the reason.

This way, you can find out if a customer tends to cancel, not show up for their appointments, etc. before scheduling a new appointment for them. A truly useful option, isn't it?

Also, in their profile, you can view the history of all their canceled appointments with detailed information.

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Cancelled reservations by a customer at your pet hotel

When you cancel an appointment or reservation, you can add the type or reason for the cancellation (visible only to you, not to the customer):

  • Canceled by the business. You cancel the reservation or appointment.

  • Canceled by the customer with notice. The customer notifies you in advance that they will not attend the appointment.

  • Canceled by the customer without notice. The customer does not show up for the appointment and does not cancel it.

  • Other reason.

When sending the customer the cancellation of the appointment/booking by email, you can also send a copy to your email if you want. (If the customer does not have a configured email address, an error message will appear on the screen to inform you that it will not be possible to cancel and send the email).

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Pet Grooming Appointment Cancellation Email

We hope that this new feature, available for grooming and training appointments, as well as hotel and daycare reservations, proves to be very useful for you. Your business is complex, but together, we can make the management as simple as possible!

Did you find it interesting?
If you have any questions, you want to propose that we write a help guide or a post on a topic or you just want to chat with us, don't hesitate. We are delighted to talk with you and get your opinion.

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