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We included new amazing features in the Planning

June, 10, 2023   |   Pet Grooming | Pet Day-Care | Pet Training

We want to introduce you to the latest additions we have included in the software.

Thanks to the feedback provided by our hundreds of users spread across the globe, we can have an impressive overview of the pet business worldwide and implement the best processes in the software for professionals.

Surely, you are familiar with our famous planning or agenda. Famous because once you try it, you don't want to use any other for managing your business.

You already know that it allows you to quickly schedule and edit appointments and view all the information for each appointment:

  • Appointment details

  • Customer

  • Pets

  • Transportation options

  • And much more.

And of course, it also allows you to:

  • Contact your customer directly (Phone, WhatsApp)

  • Direct access to customer and pets.

  • If it's an appointment: Start the service directly. If it's a service: Finish that service and be able to charge/invoice.

  • Since it records the start and end times of the service, you can check this information in reports to know the average duration of services, services performed by each employee, and much more.

For Training and Grooming software, you can view the schedule for all employees (groomers, trainers/educators) or individually for each of them.

Now, to quickly see the appointments/services assigned to each employee in the view of all employees, if those employees have set a flag or color label, you will see that appointment/service highlighted with that color.

(And in the legend at the top, you will see each employee with their respective color.)

the best agenda for groomers

Planning or agenda for pet groomers

Furthermore, if you want to view completed or past appointments/services, you can also see them in the schedule. (They will be marked in gray color).

This option is configurable, you can choose whether you want to see them or not, and you can access the configuration option directly from the schedule.

As you can see, these may seem like small changes, but they result in GREAT improvements in the efficiency, planning, and organization of your business. They facilitate your daily management tasks so that you can focus on what truly matters: your business and your clients.

the best agenda for pet trainers

Planning or agenda for pet trainers and ethologists

pet documents and pet business

Planning or agenda for pet nurseries and pet sitters

Do you want to read more information about the new shiny plannings:

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Pet Training: click here
Pet Day-Care: click here

Did you find it interesting?
If you have any questions, you want to propose that we write a help guide or a post on a topic or you just want to chat with us, don't hesitate. We are delighted to talk with you and get your opinion.

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