If you need an extra boost for your business, we can offer the solution of a PRIVATE CLOUD.

Most companies will find a cost-effective and functional solution for their business in the public cloud, but some companies with specific requirements and needs may require a private cloud service.

The substantial difference between them is that in a public cloud, resources are shared among various organizations, whereas in a private cloud, these resources are not shared.

A private cloud requires a higher investment since it is an exclusive solution for the company, while in the public cloud, being shared among multiple organizations, the cost is lower as it is distributed among all of them.

Both the public and private clouds offer high security to users, with the particularity that the private cloud provides control over settings, privacy, additional security possibilities, and customization.

If you wish to contract the software service on a private cloud, we can offer you this option.
In this case, we will create and manage a private cloud for you and provide this service with personalized and additional configuration.

Similarities between the Gespet public and private cloud service

  • Security is our top priority, so the same security parameters will be applied.

    • Your information is accessible only to you. It is completely private for you.

    • It does not communicate in any way with any other entity or support, and it is not accessible or indexable by any type of search engine or similar.

    • We use artificial intelligence access control systems to detect unauthorized access, blocking IPs with suspicious appearances, the main security protocols (SSL, TLS, HTTPS, SSH, SCP, SFTP), as well as a strong password control policy.

    • If the user decides to change the password, we ensure they cannot use one they have already used (just like Google).

  • You can manage the areas of your business that you need, such as Hotel + Training School, Hair Salon + Shop + Transportation, or the business areas you require.

Differences between the Gespet public and private cloud service. Additional features of the private cloud service.

  • Your database is hosted on a server exclusively for you, meaning it is not shared with other clients. There is both physical and logical separation.

  • The Security and Access Control Service is included, allowing you to create Administrator and user profiles with different passwords for each of them.

  • Your server is independently and exclusively managed, administered, and updated.

  • A custom URL for your business is used for accessing the Service.

  • You will have a Firewall or IP blocking system in place, which means only you and your employees/users will have access from that specific IP address, making it impossible to access from any other IP address. **

** This option requires the user to have a fixed IP. In the case of a variable IP, we obviously cannot define a single allowed IP address for access since each time there is a change in the case of a variable IP, access would not be possible.

If you are interested in contracting this service, contact us so that we can design a solution that suits your specific needs.

We will provide you with a quote or pricing information for the service, and if you decide to proceed:

  • We will provide you with a payment option or link to pay for the service.

  • We will request basic information to configure and establish the security parameters of your new private cloud.

  • With that information, we will configure your private cloud, including all security parameters, users, etc.

  • And you can start working on your private cloud.

The service is annual, and after that time, just like in the public cloud service, you decide whether you want to renew the service or not. In the event that you do not wish to renew it, the same conditions as in the case of the public cloud will apply. After 30 days, your cloud, your account, and all data will be permanently deleted.