We are going to propose you a very interesting solution:

Si tu negocio tiene varios centros o franquiciados en diferentes países/ciudades o en el mismo.

Keep reading, you will like it 😃 !

What is a multicenter business?

Some businesses have several centers, divisions, branches or independent franchisees. For example, they have 3 pet grooming, 5 pet hotels in several countries or 4 pet training schools spread over several provinces. We are going to call each of these businesses "Center".

For example John is the owner of 3 pet grooming. They can be in the same country, in different provinces or countries, or anywhere.

Multicenter management

Each of these "centers" will need to have an independent agenda, may have different rates or prices than the other centers, its own logo, and even be in another time zone, have another currency/language or different settings.

pet center whith diferent locations

Using Gespet, John can manage these 3 centers. John has 3 Gespet accounts, one for each center:

  1. Center 1, which is called for example OrangeCenter

  2. Center 2, which is called for example GreenCenter

  3. Center 3, which is called for example BlueCenter

Los datos no son comunes entre ellas. En cada cuenta están los clientes/animales de ese negocio, tiene su propia agenda, sus propias tarifas, etc.

John can have all 3 accounts "open" or just one and then switch to another. For example, access the account of the OrangeCenter to check the billing and then change and access the account of the BlueCenter to check the agenda.

Full control, but well organized.

John can access all 3 accounts at the same time to work with them:

  • Opening 3 private tabs in the web browser, one with each account.

  • Using 3 different web browsers and opening each account in one browser.

Or he can open an account and then he change and open another:

  • He accesses the account he wants

  • He clicks the Exit button

  • Now he accesses to the other account

Easier, impossible! 😃

Multicenters with several business areas

What happens if one of the centers offers other business areas? No problem, management is just as simple.

John's business is very successful and includes new business areas in some of his centers, for example:

  • El OrangeCenter offers Pet Grooming + GuarPet Nursery (Day-care) services

  • El GreenCenter offers Pet Grooming services

  • Y el BlueCenter offers Pet Grooming + PetShop services

pet multicentre business

There is no problem. John has the software he needs in each account to manage his different business areas.

  1. In the account for the OrangeCenter: Pet Grooming + Pet Nursery (Day-care)

  2. In the account for the GreenCenter: Pet Grooming

  3. In the account for the BlueCenter: Pet Grooming + PetShop

The only software in the world that fully adapts to your needs and that can grow as your business grows.

If you have any questions about the management of centers or want to tell us about your particular case, contact us and we will advise you on the best option for you.

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