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The new Software for pet grooming

September,03, 2020   |   Pet Grooming

We present our software for pet grooming salons, with a refreshed look and many new features.

We have revamped the most commonly used screens in the software to optimize them, making everyday processes such as appointments and services much faster.

You don't need to start working with the new screens today; you can continue using the old ones and gradually try out the new ones. Take your time, we want you to be able to get used to them calmly.

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Improved Planning

Now you can drag and drop appointments to change the day/hours.

You can configure the range of hours displayed in the planning (for example, from 10:00 to 20:00)

Configure whether you want to see past appointments in the planning as well.

If you have different employees and identify them with a color, appointments/services will be highlighted in that color.

If you use colors to identify appointments/services, the color flag or label will appear in the planning.

grooming agenda

groomer agenda

Appointments and Services

They are much faster and include more information.

You can also quickly start multiple services.
Imagine that 10 animals have just arrived at your grooming salon, and you want to start working on their grooming services quickly. You can start all those services quickly.

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Optimized Design

We have slightly redesigned the screens. They now include more information, but we have organized it into collapsible sections to make the most of the screen size.

groomer planning

Customizable Emails

Now you can personalize the information you want to appear in the footer of the emails you send from the software.

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Contact the Client Directly

by sending them a WhatsApp message or calling them on the phone.
You no longer have to access their profile, simply tap on their phone number to initiate a call.

groomer diary

Highlighted Information

The sections of additional information about clients and animals now appear highlighted if they contain information.

groomer software

grooming software

Client Address Map

Need to calculate the distance to the client's address to assign the corresponding fee? Now it's very easy, as the map with their address is displayed.

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Quick Add

When adding a new appointment or service, if the client or animals don't exist, you can add them without leaving that screen.

You can even fill in the data protection (GDPR) information.

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Avoiding Duplicity

When adding a new client, the software checks if the ID or email is already in the database (indicating that the client already exists).


Now you can include discounts for different items expressed in % or in monetary value. (For example, -10% off bathing service or -6€ off transportation)

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Customization with Color Labels

If you use a color label to identify an appointment/service, you will see it in the planning.

If you identify your employees with a color, you will see appointments/services assigned to that employee highlighted in their respective colors. For example, appointments/services of Juan in red and appointments/services of Ana in blue.

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Appointment Confirmation

With the details of the reservation and any additional information you want to include.

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Do you need a calculator?

- When finish the service, it shows a calculator with the paid money and automatically calculates the money to be returned.


The Invoice

You can print it, but if you prefer, you can also send it directly via email.


Faster Invoicing

We have removed the service completion document as a prerequisite for the invoice. Now it's faster, and the sales document or invoice is generated directly upon service completion.

GRPD - Privacy Policy


Before sending an email from the software, it checks if the client has consented to receive communications, and if not, it displays a notice on the screen.

You can directly access their profile to update this consent.


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We Add More Information

In online appointments, the client's WhatsApp field has been added.

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Cancellation of Your Online Appointment Request

With any additional information you want to include, the reason for cancellation, etc.

grooming app

We Add More Information

In online appointments > the client's WhatsApp field has been added.

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Cancellation of Your Online Appointment Request

With any additional information you want to include, the reason for cancellation, etc.

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Confirmation of Your Online Appointment Request

With the details of the reservation and any additional information you want to include.


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New Pet Grooming Appointment Screen

Did you find it interesting?
If you have any questions, you want to propose that we write a help guide or a post on a topic or you just want to chat with us, don't hesitate. We are delighted to talk with you and get your opinion.

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dog groomer software

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