For example, if in a sales document or contract, we want to include the customer's name and contact information, it is not necessary to manually write them in each document for every customer.

The process is very simple. We can include the template text CUSTOMER > NAME, and when making a sale, if we want to print the document, the software will automatically replace it with the name of that customer.

You can then send the contract by email to your customers with their information automatically filled by the system so your customers can sign the contract and send it back to you.

When clicking this icon all available template texts will appear:

pet sitting agreements

Available templates texts

We have included different types of templates with the most commonly used options in documents and contracts:



Replaced with

Your Business Details

Business > Legal Name

The information you saved in the
Settings > Company Details option

Business > Tax ID

Business > More information

Business > Full Address

Business > Mobile Phone

Business > Landline

Business > Email

Business > Website

Business > Logo

Your Customer Details

Customer > Name

The information of that customer

Customer > ID

Customer > Full Address (Address, City, Province, and Country)

Customer > Mobile Phone

Customer > Email

Patient (Animal) Information

Pet > Name

The information of that animal (Veterinary)

Pet > Specie

Pet > MicroChip

Pet > Gender

Pet > Age

Pet > Last Weight


Prescription > Medication (Name)

The data of this Prescription

Prescription > Format

Prescription > Number

Prescription > Amount

Prescription > Frecuency

Prescription > Duration)

Prescription > Indications (recomendations)


Veterinary > Name

Veterinarian's Data

Veterinarian > Personal Identifier

Veterinarian > License Number


Pets > Information (Name, Gender, and Breed)

The information of the customers' pets

Your Supplier Details

Supplier > Name

The information of the supplier

Supplier > Tax ID

Supplier > Full Address (Address, City, Province, and Country)

Supplier > Mobile Phone

Supplier > Email


Date and Time > Day (number)

Today's Date / Time

Date and Time > Month (number)

Date and Time > Month (name)

Date and Time > Full year (4 digit format)

Date and Time > Hour (24-hour format)

Date and Time > Hour (AM/PM format)

How to include templates in my documents?

For example, at the end of the document, I want to include customer's name before the sign place.

  1. Place the cursor where you would like to have the customer's name.

  2. Click on the TEMPLATE TEXTS icon

  3. Select Customer > Name and click Save

  4. You will see that the template text has been placed in curly braces


  5. In that place, the software will automatically replace the template text with the actual name of the customer

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