You can set up documents and contracts for your busines and be able to print or send them by email so your customer can sign them. For example:

  • A document with the conditions of stay at your hotel to deliver to the customer at check-in

  • A document with the service conditions to deliver to the customer before providing a new grooming service

  • A document with the changes and returns policy to deliver to the customer at the moment of selling a puppy

  • Etc.

Whenever you need, you can access the Tools > Documents & Contracts option to print a document and give it to your customers, but if there are documents or contracts that you send regularly at a specific moment, you can configure it in the software and save a lot of time.

For example, before a stay or a service, I always send to the customer a document with recommendations and tips prior to the stay/service. Or whenever I sell a puppy, I fill out a sales contract with all the conditions, warranties, etc.

In this case, if you want, the software will show you the documents at that exact moment (when making a sale, a booking, a check-in, ...) so you can print it or send it by email directly, without the need to go to the Documents & Contracts option.

You can achieve this by specifying a type for the documents and contracts you have configured in the software.

The available types of documents are:

Type Software When it appears
Booking Hotel and Daycare
When making or editing a booking
When booking a puppy
Check-in Hotel and Daycare When making or editing a check-in
Check-out Hotel and Daycare When making or editing a check-out
Appointment Grooming and Training When making or editing an appointment
Service Grooming and Training When making or editing a service
Sale All When making or editing a sale/invoice
Privacy All In the Privacy options
When adding a new Customer or Supplier
Purchase PetShop When making or editing a purchase from a supplier
Other All ---

To add a new document or contract, you just have to click on the ADD button. A pop-up window will appear:

free pet documents

The most complete editor for your documents and contracts

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