In this tutorial you will learn:

  • What benefits me the sending of appointment reminders to customers?

  • How to schedule reminders so that the software automatically sends them?

  • Privacy / GPRD and sending automatic reminders

  • How to change the design of the automatic reminder message?

  • How many reminders can I add for an appointment?

  • How to send upcoming appointment remembers from your pet grooming?

  • How to send next upcoming appointment remembers from your dog Training School?


For your customers to not forget their appointment in your business, you can send them some reminders. For example, you can notify them 7 days before, 2 days before, 1 day before, ... as many as you want.

It helps you with:

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Reduce failed appointments at your business

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Avoid periods of inactivity of your employees

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Build loyalty to your customers and improve their experience

Enhancing the image of your business

Manually sending reminders is a very complex task, especially if you have a large volume of appointments. That is why our software, makes the send them automatically, so that you do not have to do it.

It's so simple:

  1. When you add a new appointment, you can select if you want the software to send reminders of that customer for this appointmet.

  2. You can add as many as you want (7 days before, 2 days before, ... on the date you want)

    reminder of grooming appointment message

  3. When that date/time arrives, the software will automatically send the reminder to the customer

  4. You can see all the reminders scheduled, sent, ...

En la opción Ver > Citas, si seleccionas una cita puedes verla y editarla. En el apartado Recordatorios, podrás ver si tiene recordatorios programados y eliminarlos, si lo necesitas.

You can view all the automatic reminders and you can filter by status or see them all. This option is available on the View > Automatic reminders option.

The status that an automatic reminder may have, are:

  • Sent: They have been sent.

  • Scheduled:They are scheduled to be shipped on the selected date and time.

    It'ss not possible to edit a reminder, but you can cancel it and create a new one.

    If you want to cancel a reminder scheduled so that it's not sent, click on that reminder and click CANCEL.

  • Canceled: You have canceled the shipment and they will not be sent.

  • Error: They could not be sent because an error has occurred.

    At the time of sending the reminder to the customer, the software checks the credit of available emails. If there is no credit available, the reminder will not be sent and in the status you will see Error and the reason "You do not have credit to send more emails".

If you want to see which appointment this reminder corresponds to , just click on "GROOMING APPOINTMENT " or "TRAINING APPOINTMENT " and the appointment will open in a tab new.

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You can add a new appointmnet, you can add also automatic reminders so that on the selected day, the customers receives an email reminder of their appointment. These reminders are sent automatically, you don't have to send them yourself.

Add as many reminders as you want, by clicking on the Add button.

send auto reminder customer pet grooming

You can choose the day you want the remiender to be sent, writing a custom date or using the date calculator. If you select 15 days before, the software calculates 15 before the date of the appointment and writes it in the date field. The same if you select 7, 3, 5 ... days before.

(If you select, for example, to send the automatic reminder 7 days before, but there are 5 days until the appointment, obviously it can only be scheduled to be sent 4 days before the appointment.)

You can also select the time you want it to be sent from the Time dropdown. If the customer has several email addresses, you can choose which one you want to send it to.

If you select the option "Send me a copy", you will receive a copy in your email.

When you Save, these reminders will be scheduled to be sent on the selected date and time. They will appear here and in the option View > Automatic reminders.

You can configure the appearance of the message that the client will receive with the reminder of the next appointment or booking:

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Name and logo

Configure the name of your business and logo that you want to appear in the reminder.

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Footer information

Add information at the email footer: contact information, legal info or some special text, whatever you want.

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"Template" text

If you want to include additional information, you can save it as a template so you don't have to type it every time.

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The appointment data

are filled in automatically: name of the animals, date and time of the appointment.

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how the reminder email that your customers will receive will look like.

Appearance of automatic reminder messages

In the Setting > Automatic remienders option, you can view the appearance of the automatic reminders menssage that will be sent from the software to remind your customer their upcoming appointments.

If you want some default text to appear, additional information, etc. You can include it in the Template section (1). When you click on Save, this change will be applied and you will see it in the PREVIEW section.

There are different tabs to view the configuration of the different reminders: pet grooming, pet training, ...

note: The character limit is 500. If you type more than 500 characters, when you click Save, the Template field will be marked in red to alert you.

In the option Settings > Company details, you can configure:

  • The logo (2)

  • The business name (3)

  • And the emails footer information. (4)

automatic auto reminder pet grooming software

If you make a change and click on Save, when you return to this screen, you will see that the Preview has changed and now it shows the changes you just made.

Important: The changes you make to the logo, company name, email footer and template will be applied to the next reminders you schedule, that is, they will NOT affect the ones you already had scheduled.

A scheduled reminder can not be modified, but you can cancel this reminder and create a new one.

If the appointment has reminders scheduled and you change the date or time, the reminders are not deleted; A notice appears at the top of the screen: "The appointment has pending reminders to send." So you can keep the reminders or delete them and create new reminders.

For example:

  • The appointment was scheduled for day 23 at 10:00 and you scheduled an automatic reminder.

  • Now you change the appointment for day 23 at 12:00 (2 hours later)

  • The automatic reminder will not be modified because it was already programmed. In the email that the customer will receive, it will continue showing that the appointment is for day 23 at 10:00.

If you want, you can delete that reminder and schedule a new one.

In the Settings > automatic reminders option, also you You can configure, if you want the software to notify you, when you add a reminder for a customer who has not agreed to contact them..

recordatorio de cita automatico peluqueria animales.jpg

Directly from that warning message, you can access the client's file to view/modify the information regarding Privacy/GPRD.

To view or modify this, you just have to click on "View Details" or access to the customers file > Right menu > Privacy option.

automatic auto reminder dog grooming software

As you know, every time you send an email from the software (confirmation or cancellation of online reservations, reservation confirmation, invoice/ticket, automatic recall, etc.), 1 unit will be added to the emails consumed.

If you also want to send an email to your email address (checking the option "send a copy"), an email will also be sent to this address and another unit will be added to the emails consumed.

For more information, consult the Configuration > Quota details section.

You can see all the auto reminders in the View > Reminders option. Here you will see its status (sent, scheduled, cancelled, error,...). If At the time of sending the reminder to the customer, the software checks the credit of available emails. If there is no credit available, the reminder will not be sent and in the status you will see Error and the reason "You do not have credit to send more emails".
For more information, check the section View > Automatic reminders.

  • The email address does not exist: it`s not correctly written, that account no longer exists, the domain does not exist, ...

  • The recipient's mail server: does not accept receiving emails, it's full, mark emails as spam or it block them, ...

  • Connection problems at the time of shipment


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