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Now the application includes more information on the home. We call it "Magic Desk", because it will allow you to do many tasks that will make your daily work easier, "like by magic".

Now includes:

  • Calendar

  • Dashboards

  • Quick access buttons

  • Information about the occupancy status

  • Finder for Customers and animals

  • Diary or Agenda

CALENDAR: by default shows the current day but you can navigate between days and the information displayed will change. For example, the number of bookings for today is 3 but within seven days there are not reservations.

DASHBOARDS: At a glance, "in a magical way", you will see in the upper panels the number of entrances and check-out planned for today, the number of stays and animals housed (or animals in the hotel).
As in the previous case, this information corresponds to the current day (today), but if you choose another day in the calendar, the information for that day will be displayed.

Kennel app free statistics

We explain in detail, what "means" or what information shows each of the dashboard:

  • Booking: Displays reservations starting the selected day.

  • Stayed: Shows the number of animals that are housed in the hotel.
    note: Please note that for future dates, although there are 10 bookings for that date will not be considered that the animals are housed in the hotel, until the check-in is made. This is because the reservation can be canceled and finally the animal has not come to be housed at the hotel.

  • Check-in: the check-in scheduled to to be made that day.
    Note: Please note that this indicator samples the inputs provided, if the reservation is canceled, it will not come to take the check-in.

  • Check-out: the check-out scheduled to to be made that day.
    Note: Again, information is provided. If, for example, at the last moment the customer calls you to extend the stay of the animal one day, this figure will change and the scheduled check-out date will be tomorrow.

For a more general view of the state of occupation: reservations and stays (or animals housed) see the occupancy planning: View > Planning

Let's see an example. What will happen on the 9th of next month?

kennel software overall performance

Let's look at the information in the planning of occupation and on the magic-desk:

  • Show by that date there are 3 animals Housed (green fields)

  • One, is scheduled to check-out that day

  • There are 2 booking scheduled to begin that day

Within these panels, there are SHORTCUT BUTTONS that lets you:

  • Make a new booking

  • A new check-in

  • A new check-out

  • Or consult the status detail

Furthermore, in the lower left, there are additional information about the HOTEL OCCUPANCY:

Occupation dog hotel software

Includes an advanced customer and animal search to locate customers and animals quickly

It only shows 25 results, so if there are more than 25 matches, they will not all be displayed.

client and animal finder

+ info

The daily Agenda includes the tasks, reservations, check-in, check-out and all the important information for the selected day.

For example, if we select the day April 24, we will see that today we have an check-in and an expected check-out.

animal hotel delivery information

Also, there is an check-in and exit that are pending or "overdue". We can eliminate them or edit them to change the dates, for example if the customer will going to pick up the animal 2 days later.

note:If you do not want the overdue to appear, select the option Settings > Advanced settings > Show overdue = NO.

We can also see the check-in and check-out that will be at a future date. For example, if we advance in the calendar and select the day May 10, we see that there will be an exit.

pet hotel delivery information

(It is marked as "Booking", to indicate that the check-in has not yet been made, only the Booking)

This information will change, by selecting another day in the calendar.

buttons software animals

The quick access keys allow you to go to see that events/tasks/bookings ... and add a new event/tasks/bookings ...

The events you have recorded for today, the tasks and their priority, and any notice for clients, animals, suppliers, ...

If you have to call Stephany next week, include a notice, and the software will remind you on the day indicated.

Proffesional agenda for dog care

If you mark an alert as Urgent, it will appear marked, so that "from a simple glance" you can see the most urgent matters and prioritize your tasks.


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