As you know, the software is cloud computing, so you DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL ANYTHING to use it. We send you an email with the access data.

Note: When you log in for the first time, fill in some simple initial data and your app will already be configured and ready to use.

You also don't need to install anything to access from your tablet or smartphone . Just use your web browser and access the same address.

If you want, you can create an icon on your computer or mobile device to access more quickly

How to create an icon on the desktop


We will configure the basic data of the software. All setting options are in the top menu > Setting:

You can setting the most important aspects of your country/region:

Enter your company name, identification number, and location and contact information.

You can include two different logos:

You can also include a text at the bottom of your invoices, in case you want to include some legal or informative text.

Type is the next invoice number, and the software will assign a correlative number to the following, so that they are correctly numbered.

For example, if you start using the software now and this year you have already generated 25 invoices, if you want the next one to be number 26, type 26.

You can configure a name and color to be able to identify the rooms quickly.

hotel de animales

You can set different rates (low season, weekend, 2 animals, extra for premium food, etc.)

hotel de perros

If you write the base price (or price without taxes), the sales price (or final price with taxes) is automatically calculated.

If you write the sale price (or final price with taxes), the base price (or price without taxes) is automatically calculated.

You can configure if you want to bill for days or nights of stay and the time from which the stay will increase by one day. (It works in a similar way to hotels, where they set an hour, for example 12:00, as the maximum time of check-out and after this, one day is added to the stay.)

Read the complete handbook for more information


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