When the animal arrives at our facility and is about to begin its stay, we perform the Check-in.

We previously made a test booking together, and now we are going to do a check-in.

If there is already a Booking:
Click on View > Booking to select it.

If there is NO Booking:
Click on New > Check-in and fill in the details just like we did in Step 3.

dog daycare check-in Check-in at Pet Hotel

MORE OPTIONS: At the bottom, you have the following options:

You can also:

Imagine that the transport has just arrived with 20 animals that are going to stay at your Hotel, and you have to check them all in. There is a solution to do this very quickly.

Go to the option View > Bookinhs and for the relevant one, click on the button

A pop-up window will appear for you to confirm:

dog daycare software reservations

If you click again on the animal's check-in will be completed.

A green message will confirm that the check-in has been successfully completed.
If you now click on , the window will close, and you can repeat the process for the next check-in. SUPER FAST!

cat daycare software reservations

You can also click on to see the check-in details, change it, or do whatever you need.

During an animal's stay, changes may occur. For example:

  • You provide a treatment or an additional service (i.e., you need to add a service or extra)

  • The customer wants to pick up the animal earlier or a few days later (i.e., you modify the check-in and/or check-out dates)

  • The customer wants home delivery (i.e., you include the pick-up/delivery option)

  • Etc.

In all these cases, you can edit the check-in. You just need to:

  • Select the check-in

  • Make the changes or modifications

  • Click on the Save button

  • If it has pick-up/delivery service and you modify the check-in/check-out date, the date in the transport schedule will be automatically updated.

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