Let's create your first reservation or boooking together. It is very fast to write reservations in Gespet.


All information is on the same screen:

  1. Select New > Booking

  2. Search for the clcustomerient and select it or if it does not exist, add the customers and his animals.

  3. Select the dates of entry (check-in) and exit (check-out)

  4. Transport options **: You can select if the client wants a pick-up/delivery service.

    animal transport software pet collection and delivery

    If you select the option, pick-up/delivery will be automatically added to the transport planning for that day. If you modify the date and click on the Save button, the day of collection/delivery will be updated in the planning automatically.

    You can also view the planning directly from here. By clicking on the "Transportation Planning" option, the planning will open in a new browser tab.

  5. Choose the room

  6. Select services or rates. You can add accessories (special food, transportation, etc.)

  7. You can include discounts expressed in money (for example -5 €) or in% (for example -10%)


reservar guarderia canina

The number of days / nights of stay is calculated automatically

At the bottom you can write money advances if the customer pays part of the money in advance.

You can:

pet transport software

** This option belongs to the Transport software. If you do not have this software, the Transport option will appear inactive.

Read more information about the transport software:

Click here

Read the complete handbook for more information


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