Once we have added, for example, 2 animals: Rose and Pongo. Let's add, for example, a heat for Rose.

We access to the New > Female Heat option and we can add the heat. The software automatically calculates the expected next heat date and will display a alert in the home page when that date approaches.

software female heat control

If we have already added the pedigree of the players and we want to know what would be the inbreeding coefficient between Rose and Pongo before crossing, we access the option View > Coefficient.

Selecting the male and female, shows the inbreeding coefficient.

calculate inbreeding coefficient

Read the complete handbook for more information

We can add the matings in the New > Mating option, with all the important information.

We can plan a litter before the mating or the birth, in the option New > Planned litter.

In the option View > Planned litters we can see all the planned litters and by clicking on one, see more information and edit it.

The software automatically calculates the number of days remaining for the expected date of birth.

If you want to accept customer bookings or reservations, you can write them down. For example Michael wants to reserve a black male puppy and pays a deposit of €200 to reserve the puppy.

Later, when the puppies are born, a puppy can be assigned to each reservation and the deposit deducts the total payment.

If there are not enough puppies born, you can make a refund to the customer or you can leave that reservation pending, waiting for another litter to be born.

booking of puppies

Read the complete handbook for more information


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