The software stores all the information, to show you a lot of useful information. For example:

On the CUSTOMER OR ANIMAL SHEET, you can see the number of sales, the amount of money billed, the last sale and much more information

In addition, you can contact the client directly, by clicking on the email, phone or whatsApp (to send an email directly, make a call or send a message using WhatsApp).

rentabilidad guarderia animales

If a customer has PENDING PAYMENT INVOICES, before entering a new appointment, making a service, ... , a message will appear indicating unpaid invoices and the amount.

unpaid invoices cat grooming

You can also view all unpaid invoices in the Report > Unpaid invoices

ACCOUNTING is very easy. If you consult the Result report, you will see all sales or invoices and expenses that you have entered.

report of business result for pet kennel

You can see the MOST HABITUAL AND PROFITABLE CUSTOMERS AND ANIMALS, using the report of profitable customers and animals.

You can even see, those who have not visited your business for a long time, to send them an email, for example, offering your services.

rentabilidad guarderia mascotas

You can see for a specific day, the appointments, alerts, and all the events planned for that day, and all IN THE SAME SCREEN (on the home page or "Magic Desk").

dog groomer software services and appointments

As you can see, the software offers you a lot of information, to help you to quickly manage your business in a very simple way.


Congratulations!! You know how to handle the software and here are some other interesting options

The software includes an ONLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM. Your customers can request reservations in your pet grooming from your website or Facebook page. They are automatically registered in the software and you can confirm the customer, just by clicking a button.

More info about online booking

For mailing campaigns (sending email to multiple customers), you can use Mailchimp with the data of your customers all stored in Gespet:

Sending emails using Mailchimp

If, in your business, you also sell products, you can include in the same ticket the accommodation service in and with products from your store.

Click here to see how to sell products + pet grooming services

Read the help manual for more information about all the software features


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