Complete Pet Nursery Software handbook

Here we explain, "in a few words" how the software works:

The software allows you to manage Day care services and nursery for all types of animals and the operation is:

1. Booking:

  • You can make stays (or check-in) WITHOUT BOOKING

  • And you can also make stays or check-in WITH A PREVIOUS BOOKING

2. When the stay will begin (the animal arrives at the hotel) ➝ a new check-in is made (o check-in)

3. The check-in is "open" for the duration of the animal's stay (the animal is in the hotel

4. At the end of the stay (when the animal leaves) ➝ we make the check-out and the check-in closes automatically.

5. When you make the exit, the system automatically creates a Sale (the invoice corresponding to that stay.) The Invoice can have the taxes included or not, as you prefer.

pet hotel software operating scheme

To insert a new customer in the app, the correct order is:

Customer and animal are always associated. Every animal must have an associated owner (customer) and every owner (customer) must have an associated animal to make a booking, check-in, etc.

  1. Verify that the client is not in the application

  2. Inserting the new customer

  3. Insert your animals

  4. And then, you can make the bookink, check-in, etc.

In the top menu you can access all the options. On the main options are drop down with additional options.

software for dog nursery top menu


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