Complete PetShop Software handbook

Now the application includes more information on the home. We call it "Magic Desk", because it will allow you to do many tasks that will make your daily work easier, "like by magic".

Now includes:

  • Calendar

  • Dashboards

  • Quick access buttons

  • Cash status (Open or Closed)

  • Finder for Customers and products

  • Notice of stock and badges expiration

  • Diary or Agenda

CALENDAR: by default shows the current day but you can navigate between days and the information displayed will change.

DASHBOARDS: At a glance, "in a magical way", you will see in the upper panels :

animal store software statistics

  • The number of sales (or tickets) for that day

  • The quantity of products (or units) sold

  • The money earned with sales

In addition, using the QUICK ACCESS BUTTONS, you can directly access the options:

  • Make a new sale

  • View sales

  • View the products

  • View the "cash" and the Balance

From this same screen you can view the Cash:

  • The status: if it is open the indicator will appear the green color and if it is closed, in red color

  • If it is open, you will see the user who "opened the cash", the date and time.

note: Remember that you have to open the "cash" to start charging, make returns, etc.

Also includes fast search engines to locate customers and products quickly

Only shows 25 results, so if there are more than 25 matches, they will not all show.

Check the use of search engines and how to do advanced searches by clicking here

The daily Agenda It is shown in the central part of the Desktop and includes tasks, notices and all the important information for the selected day.

This information will change, by selecting another day in the calendar.

buttons software animals

The quick access keys allow you to go to see that events/warnings ... and add a new event/warning ...

If you mark an alert as Urgent, it will appear marked, so that "from a simple glance" you can see the most urgent matters and prioritize your tasks.

In the product file, you can indicate which is the minimum stock for that product, and when you get off that level, the software will show you a warning.

software petshop automatic stock alert

If you set the stock alert to 10 units and you have 8 units left now, an alert will appear, to remind you to buy that product.

Also appear the orders with delivery scheduled for the selected day .

petshop app supplier orders automatic

If the order was scheduled to be received yesterday, but did not arrive, today on the agenda we see that "overdue" order.

note:If you do not want the overdue to appear, select the option Settings > Advanced settings > Show overdue = NO.

And the batches close to expire::

pet shop expiration badtches auto reminder

If you select home delivery service when making a purchase, a notice will appear on the homepage that day.

et transport for today pet taxi agenda


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