Complete PetShop Software handbook

Here we explain, "in a few words" how the software works:

The software allows:

  • The complete management of pet stores (stocks, badges, orders, suppliers, purchases, ...)

  • The sale of products

  • Combined with other apps, you can "sell on the same ticket": products and services of hairdressing, hotel and daycare accommodation and training/education services. 

CASH: opening and closing

  • To start selling it is necessary to open the Cash

  • In the Cash all the actions that a user has made are registered: sales, withdrawals and manual income, purchases / payments to suppliers, returns, ...

  • how does the petshop software work

  • When closing the box, an  "balance" is made to check the money accounting (which should be in the Cash) and the money that is actually in the Cash.

  • Automatically calculates the difference between the accounting and the Cash (the money that is left over or missing in Cash with respect to the accounting)


  • The products can be sorted by CATEGORIES and subcategories

  • The products have the BRAND to which they belong

  • We have the SUPPLIERS

  • We can make product ORDERS to suppliers

  • We can make PURCHASES of products directly (without prior order) to suppliers

  • When we receive an order we "convert it" into a purchase

  • When we convert an order into a purchase or make a new purchase of a product, we can write his BADGE number, the expiration date and the number of units purchased (your STOCK is increased)

  • We can set an alert when the stock of a product drops by a quantity (for example, 10 units)

  • When a batch soon to expire, a notice will be displayed

  • When the stock of a product is low, a warning will be displayed on the screen

In the top menu you can access all the options. On the main options are drop down with additional options.

pet store free software apple menu

The format complies with the International Standard ISO 8601:

  • 24 hour format for hours

  • YYYY-MM-DD format for dates

It's not possible to change this date/time format


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