Complete PetShop Software handbook

You can to note task indicating priority. If you have more than one application, you can manage separate tasks for better organization of your time. At the top, select the appropriate type.

You can add alerts and application will remind you at the right time. Select the number of days before you want to alert you and the application takes care of displaying the reminder.

If you have more than one software, you can manage separate alerts for better organization of your time. At the top, select the appropriate type.

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You can save documents of interest to have them stored in the software and print them when you need them. You can also configure the documents to be "templates", for example:

  • A document of "Conditions of stay in the hotel" for you give the customer when an check-in is made

  • A Privacy document - Acceptance of inclusion of the data in the system, to deliver to the customer at the time of compiling/including the data

  • An "Information" document to give the customer before doing a new hairdressing service

  • A document of "Changes and refunds" for you give to the customer when you selling a puppy

The available types are:

  • Privacy

  • Check-in

  • Check-out

  • Booking

  • Sale

  • Purchase

It is only necessary to select the "booking" type and the document will appear when you make a new bookingto print it directly

documents for pet business

To print in the document editor, select the File > Print option

print document legal dogs


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