Mailing - Sending emails to multiple users at the same time

If you want to make a mailing campaign, for example to notify your customers of the new rates of your business, a change in your legal / use conditions, ... or any type of notification, you can do it.


One of the most used tools for mailing is MailChimp. It's free and allows you to configure cool emails from pre-configured templates in a very simple way.


For this reason, we have incorporated the Export for Mailchimp option with which you can upload your contacts directly to Mailchimp. We have created a manual for you, to explain how to load your contacts in this tool.


* The free account has some limitations, if you wish, you can also improve the account by making it premium, more info on Mailchimp website

As you know, all commercial communications must have been previously requested or expressly consented by the recipient (the user), unless there is a prior commercial relationship or has been obtained from public sources freely accessible.
Everything else, as well as the massive and systematic sending of emails, is considered SPAM and as such, is subject to sanctions.

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Follow these steps:


STEP 1 - Access Mailchimp with your Mailchimp account. If you do not have, you can create one for free.         

  • If you have an account : Click on Log in to access by typing your email and password

  • If you do not have an account , click on Sign Up free to create a

    • Enter your email address, username and password

    • Click on the Get Started button

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    • You will receive a confirmation link in your email to finish creating your account

    • It will ask for some basic personal data and after filling them, you will access the Administration Panel or Mailchimp Dashboard

At the top you have the main options:

  • List: Lists with your contacts

  • Campaigns: Mailing campaigns

  • Templates: The templates to design the emails

  • Reports: The results reports

STEP 2 - If you want, you can create different lists to separate your contacts. In this case, we are going to create, for example, the CUSTOMER list.

When adding new contacts, you must select to which list you want to add them.

  • Click on the Create List option

  • Fill in the information on your list with the information you prefer

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  • Click on the Save button to save the list

STEP 3 -Add the contacts to the Lists. Usually you have to prepare the information of your contacts, and then upload it to Mailchimp.

If you use Gespet, you do not have to prepare the information, Gespet does it for you and adapt it to the Mailchimp format. You just have to paste it, nothing more.

In Gespet:

  • Access to Tools > Mailing - Mailchimp option

  • Copy the list of your contacts already adapted to the mailchimp format

In Mailchimp:

  • Access to List option

  • Click on the drop-down menu next to the list you want to work with and select Import

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  • Select the second option: Copy/paste from file

  • In the center box, paste the information you have copied into Gespet

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  • Click on the button in the lower right corner NEXT

  • In the first box press SAVE and in the second box, press SAVE again

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  • The summary appears. Press again on the NEXT button

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STEP 4 - We have already created the list and made the initial upload of all the contacts. You can repeat this process as often as you want to include the new contacts.            

For example, have passed 6 months since you last used Mailchimp to make a mailing, in your business you have added new clients and you want to include them in Mailchimp, it is very simple, just repeat the same steps:

  • In Gespet: Copy the contact list of the Tools > Mailing - Mailchimp option

  • In Mailchimp: Schoose the list you want, for example Customers

  • Import option

  • Copy/paste from file

Now that you have Gespet contacts in your Mailchimp contact list, you can do your mailing campaigns comfortably.


STEP 5 - Templates. Design of the email you want to send. You can select a template from the available ones or create the email without templates.


STEP 6 - Campaigns. Campaign of sending emails. You can send the email to all the contacts in your list or just to a sector of contacts, for example, to those that I just added, which are my new contacts.


STEP 7 - Reports. You can see the results reports of each campaign (the number of users who have opened the email, the number of emails returned or bounced, etc.).


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