Sell services and products together on the same ticket or invoice

If you have the PetShop software and other software, using the store software, you can sell on the same ticket:

  • Hotel Accommodations

  • Puppies from your kennel

  • Grooming services

  • Training or educational services

  • Daycare/Nursery Accommodations

  • Veterinary Services

  • And Products

It's very simple, you can do it in two ways:

1. In the PetShop software > New > Sale:

  • Click on the products to add them to the ticket

  • And in the button Charge service from: Hotel/Grooming, ...

    Select the services you want to add to the ticket

  • You can now finalize the sale

2. If you are in another software:

  • Hotel: View > Entries > Select the entry > Charge in Pet Shop

  • Grooming: View > Services > Select the service > Charge in Pet Shop

  • Nursery: View > Entries > Select the entry > Charge in Pet Shop

  • Training: View > Services > Select the service > Charge in Pet Shop

  • ....

  • The Store software will open with the service already added to the ticket

  • Add the products you want or other services

  • You can now finalize the sale


Practical example: Max has been staying at the hotel for a week, during his stay we have also given him a training or education session. When Patrick picks up Roko,he also buys food and a shampoo.

How to sell all these services and products together in the same ticket or invoice?:

  1. Access to the PetShop app

  2. In the New > Sale option

  3. Add the products to the ticket

  4. Clic on "Invoce service from" Hotel to add Roko's stay to the ticket

    software tpv products for animals

    software dog hotel stays and products at the same ticket
  5. Select the Max's stay and this is added to the ticket

  6. Repeat, to add the training or education service to the ticket

Remember, only appear the pending services (unpaid), If the service is already paid, you can not charge it again, so you can not add it to the ticket.

You already have the services added to the ticket, ready to pay.

In this example, we have a ticket with 3 products and 2 services from different business areas:


    • Fresh Food for dogs - $ 2

    • Toothbrush for dogs - $ 3

    • Strap for dogs - $ 20


    • Bath + haircut - $ 30


    • Behavioral correction session - $ 18

The total of the ticket is $ 73, but the products / services are "counted" in their corresponding area:

  • 25 $ in PetShop products

  • 30 $ in Grooming services

  • 18 $ in Training services

software petshop services and products at the same ticket

We know that detailed management of income and expenses is a fundamental part of your business, and therefore, using this system, you can check the money you have earned with each business areas.

You can check the total billing, for example last month, in all business areas; But if you prefer, you can check the billing only for hairdressing services.

Remember, that the Cash option is an option available exclusively for the PetShop, therefore, in Cash only appear sales of petshop products

If you want to see the sales and expenses of all the business areas for today, use the "Result" report (Reports > Financial Balance Sheet). You can choose the date range you want to consult (today, the last 7 days, 3 months, ...)

Note: when you add a service to the ticket (for example Grooming) and you charge it, in the corresponding app the service is "closed", that is, its status is now PAID.

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