In the option View > Products, a list appears with all the products and the number of units available in stock. For example of the Puppy Bed, there are 6 units:

If you select a product, you will see the product file, where all the information about the product is.

By clicking on the Stock Adjustment option you can configure an automatic warning, when the stock (or available units) is less than an amount. For example, less than 10, less than 2, ...

On the home page, you will see a notice with all products that have a Stock alert under:

software petshop automatic stock alert

As you have several products with low Stock, we will place an order to the supplier.

You can write orders for the products you need and send this order form to your suppliers directly by email.

You will know that of the "product x" you have no units in stock but you have already made an order to the supplier and it is planned to receive it, for example within 2 days.

From the New > Order option, select the supplier or add it if it is a new one.

Your contact information appears, if you have invoices pending payment and if you have your orders pending receipt

petstore orders to suppliers software for animals


Now we will complete the order details:

pet shop software order to supplier

On the home-page you will see the notice that today you are expected to receive these orders and you can write them down directly as soon as you receive them to include the products in your inventory or stock:

software animales send orders to supplier by email

We will select THE PRODUCTS that we want to include in the order:

pet shop software configure products

pet shop software send orders by email

You will see the orders you have made, the expected delivery date and their status. Then, when you receive the order, on the home-oage or in the option View > Orders, you can convert that order into a purchase and the products will be included in your inventory or stock.

software animal store purchase auto reminder

You can enter a new purchase:

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