Complete Breeding app handbook

Here we explain, "in a few words" how the software works:

  1. Animals may have associated a BREEDER and OWNER. May be you or another breeder/owner.

  2. Female animals have HEAT status; When a female has this state, it is possible MATING with a male animal.

  3. The result of mating may be "Not pregnant" or "Pregnant"; In this case, the software calculates the birth date automatically, but you can modify it.

  4. You can create a PLANNED LITTER (the puppies have not yet been born) and reserve future puppies with money deposits.

  5. Birth occurs and LITTER born. You can control the evolution of the PUPPIES, costs, benefits, etc.

  6. The litter consists of one or several PUPPIES. You can control its evolution and monitoring, etc. of these puppies.

  7. You can make a SALE of an puppy to a CUSTOMER. Now that customer will be the owner of that animal. Or stay that animal to use it as a breeder in the future ( >> See how)

  8. When you have sold all animals, the litter is closed. You can open/close a litter manually also.

breeding software how does the software work

Inbreeding coefficient and pedigree

Inbreeding coefficient and pedigree software

  • Breeding animals have a genetic line. Their background or parents

  • There is consanguinity if they have common parents. The software traces the genetic line (or pedigree) to see the common parents and the grade.

  • This consanguinity is calculated using Hardiman's formula and shows in percentage

In litters, the software copies the pedigree (or genetic line) parental. So for puppies born from a litter forget manually enter the pedigree.

note:It's necesary that the parent's pedigree are added before to create a litter.

In the top menu you can access all the options. On the main options are drop down with additional options.

breeder app for iphone ipad and macos

The format complies with the International Standard ISO 8601:

  • 24 hour format for hours

  • YYYY-MM-DD format for dates

It's not possible to change this date/time format

All Gespet apps are compatible with each other, so you can complement their software according to your needs. All apps are activated as "blocks" or "modules" of a single big App. For example:

If in your kennel, you offer the service and home delivery or transport of animals , using the transport app, when you make a puppie booking or a puppy sale, you can select if that animal has home delivery and what day you want do the transport.
On the home-page of the breeding software, you will see an alert on the indicated day.

software de transporte de animales

> View more information about the animal TRANSPORTATION software

In your kennel, if you need to manage the number of animals that are housed, if you offer services of mating with external animals that stay in your facilities for a certain time, or any other service related to the accommodation of animals , using the Hotel (or Accommodation) software, you will be able to control the check-in, check-out and rooms of those animals.

In addition, you will be able to know the number of animals housed in your facilities in a specific date range, as well as the "movements" that have occurred during that time (check-in and check-outs with all the animal and customer's data ).

software de alojamiento de animales

> View more information about the animal HOUSING software

I your kennel, if you also sell products , such as special Packs for puppies, food, deworming treatments, training/agility products, books, or any other product, using the Sales software of products, you can easily do it.

You can even sell a puppy/animal and products in the same ticket/invoice but when consulting the reports, you will be able to see your benefits, which part corresponds to the breeding area and the store area respectively.

software de venta de productos para animales

> View more information about the software for the sale of animal products


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