Complete Breeding app handbook

You can configure the most important aspects of your country/region:

  • Select the country from the list

  • Select the time zone from the list

    Check that you have correctly configured the time on your device (computer, mobile phone, tablet) because the software will use that time for appointments, agenda, etc.

  • Select the language in which the software will be displayed

  • Set the currency of your country: you can use symbols (for example €, $, ...) or the currency abbreviation (for example EUR, USD,. ..)

  • Set the applicable tax and percentage in your country to all your services

    note: In countries where multiple taxes apply, you can set up a general tax name or a combined tax name and add both taxes together. For example, for Quebec, you can configure the tax with the name TPS-TVQ, TAX or similar and that the percentage is the sum of both taxes (The TPS and the TVQ)

It's very important that you first configure the general tax and then configure your services or rates, since they will all have the same tax that you have configured in this option.

  • If in this option you have the general tax configured as 0 %

  • Later, you configure a new hairdressing service, hotel, ... that service will also have the tax at 0 %

  • If in the future, you modify the general tax and change it for example by 7%, this will not be changed in the services or rates that you already had configured

  • The new services you add have a 7% tax

If you have mistakenly configured your services or rates, contact us so that we can help you modify it.

Here you can configure the data of your company and thus you will not have to insert the data every time a document or an invoice is generated; the software will automatically fill them in for you.

  1. Business name, ID, Address, ZIP code, City, State, and contact data (phones, emails,..): You can configure the name of your company, the identification number, and the location and contact information. These are the data that will appear on the invoices.

    More information: You can add additional information.

  2. Logos:

    You can include two different logos:

    • The principal logo shown in the software

    • The printed logo will appear in the printed documents *

    * Note: you will reduce ink consumption when printing your invoices if you use a black and white logo for invoices.

    • The supported image formats are: jpeg, jpg, gif and png

    • The maximum size allowed for images is: 1000 x 1000 pixels (width x height)

    • The maximum weight of the images is 1 MB

    If the software does not allow you to upload an image, you can use any image converter.

  3. Text on invoices without taxes:If in your country/activity there are situations in which the invoices are tax-exempt (such as in the case where it is applicable to issue the invoice without VAT for Intra-Community) you can include an additional text that will only appear on tax-exempt invoices.

  4. Printed documents footer:You can include a text at the bottom of the page for all summary documents and invoices. It is useful to include legal information, some clarification about your business policy, etc. It will appear on the invoices, in the appointment/booking, check-in/check-out, services/etc. summary documents

  5. Pie emails: Using the software you can send emails to confirm/cancel an appointment/booking, an online appointment/booking, send a ticket/invoice, etc. With this information, you can configure a text that will appear in those emails. For example, you can include your business data or interest information.

animal invoice business data

note: if you have exceeded the maximum size of characters allowed, the software will warn you, highlighting that field in red and will not allow you to save it.

Most ticket printers allow you to configure your logo to appear when you print a Ticket. In each model of printer i'is done in a different way. To configure it, consult your printer help guide.

You can manage your employees, with all necessary contact info and working info.

employee pet grooming

You can deactivate employees who are no longer active. This way, they won't appear in the employee selectors when assigning a service, session, etc., but since they're not deleted, you'll retain the historical data with their information.

When you click on an employee in the list, all the information appears:

At the top there are 2 buttons:

  • Quick actions or "shortcuts": add a new animal for that client, make an appointment, print the information, ...

  • show / hide the right side menu to expand the workspace

Using the quick access buttons, it is possible: send an email, call or open whatsapp to talk to him/her; click on the corresponding icon (envelope, phone, Whatsapp ...)

You can write down more phones and more emails for a customer. By clicking on the "more information" icon, new fields appear to record these data.

When you write the address and click on the Save button, the GoogleMaps map that shows the address will appear. You can zoom using the map buttons.

pet business employee information

In the Working information section, you can write down the information related to the employees's academic training, payment/salary conditions, information to make the payment, ...

If in your grooming or training business, you pay a percentage of the services doing to an employee, for example 30%, you can write down that percentage here and in this way, you will not have to remember it.

To see the services that an employee of your pet training pet grooming business has doing, you only have to access the Services and billing by employee report and by selecting that date range you will see the number of services and the amount of those services. In this way, it will be very easy for you to calculate the amount that corresponds to you for these services.

Additionally, you will be able to know the average time it took to perform them and when was the last service doing by that employee.

animal software

If you also have the Users Software, you can create more users, each user accesses an independent account and you can control:

  • You can specify the days and hours in which a user can access

  • You can indicate the visible options for a user

  • See when the users log-in and log-out session

You can control the access of your employees to improve the security of your business.

Read more info

If you want to add, edit or delete races you can do it from this option. Then it is very comfortable, because when you add a new animal, just look for the race in the advanced selector, you do not have to write it every time.

software breed selector

For dogs "without breed" (mixed-breed, half-blood, mutt...), we have created the "comun" race but if you prefer to create another, you can do it from this option.

You can configure the next invoice number to be issued, and the software assigns that number to the following ones, this way the invoices are correctly numbered.

For example, if you start using the software now and this year you have already generated 25 invoices, if you want the next one to be number 26 (to be correlated), then write 26.

This numbering does not reset at the end of the month or the year. It will always continue with the numbering of the last invoice.

To configure a different numbering for the Refund invoices, click on "Yes" and the configuration options will appear.

You can configure if you want to add a prefix before the numbers for Invoices and Refund Invoices, so you can choose if you want the invoice number:

  • Do not have prefix. For example, the invoice number will be 000042

  • Have the prefix that you want: For example the prefix INV . In this case, the invoice number will be INV.000042

    * The maximum prefix size is 10 characters

  • Have the prefix Year.Month: In April (month 4) of 2021, the prefix will be 2021.04.000042

As you can see, on the right side of the screen, there is a previewer, which allows you to see how the next invoice number and nex refund invoice numer will look, depending on the configuration you choose.

pet software invoices dog invoice cat invoice


Special Data Export

From this option, you can perform a complete export of the data in .xls (Excel) format. If you want to stop using the software and export the information stored in your account, you can do so yourself using this option.

To do this, simply click on the Export button, and a .xls file will be saved in the downloads folder configured in your web browser.

If there are multiple users in your business, we recommend that you restrict access to this option for unauthorized personnel; otherwise, they could extract all the information from the system.

If you have multiple users and need to limit their access, you have the security and access control module. Each user will have their own login credentials, and you can control: 

  • The days / hours in which users can access to the software

  • The options they can use / view

  • A record with all the accesses they have made (time, IP address, operating system used)

kennel software

You will control the access of your employees for greater security of your business.

Read more info

For performance and security reasons, the complete export of data will only be performed once a day. After 24 hours from the last download, if necessary, a new complete data export can be requested.

You can modify the passwords to access the software. You just have to type the current password and the new one.

Additionally, for security reasons:

  • You will have to type the new password twice. In this way, we avoid typing errors.

  • The software will show if that password has a low, medium or high security level. To make it easier, you can see it by red, orange or green colors.

  • New password: Type the new password you want to use

  • Old password: If you have used the "Remember password" option, write the password you received by email

  • Must be at least 10 characters

  • Must contain at least one UPPERCASE and one LOWERCASE character

  • Must include at least one number

  • Must include at least one symbol

For your security and the security of your data, it is very important that you have good habits with the passwords of the different accounts/services that you use:

  • Change passwords frequently

  • Never use the same password on multiple sites or services

  • Do not share passwords with others or write them down, especially near the device

  • Change default passwords for devices and online services.

We have collected different security tips and created a mini help guide with useful security tips. We recommend that you read it.

Security recommendations

From time to time, the password will expire. That is, you will have to change it to a new password.
If the software displays the message that the password has expired, you just have to change it to a new password and you will be able to continue working normally.
We know that this can be annoying, but our goal is to keep you and your data safe

Information about the storage capacity of external files (when you include a scanned document or a photo of a customer, animal, ...) in the software.

quota details

You can also view the number of emails sent and the number of emails still available to send.

This amount is limited monthly to contribute to the responsible sending of emails and avoid mass mailing or SPAM, so on the 1st of each month, this "counter" will be back to 0.

You will receive a notice when you are reaching the credit limit available to send more emails. You can buy extra credit that will allow you to send more emails. To do so, access the software by clicking on the icon to buy bad email credit.

Email consumption: Every time you send an email from the software (confirmation or cancellation of online reservations, booking confirmation, invoice/ticket, automatic recall, etc.), 1 unit will be added to the emails consumed.

If you also want to send an email to your email address (checking the option "send a copy"), an email will also be sent to this address and another unit will be added to the emails consumed.

As you know, all commercial communications must have been previously requested or expressly consented by the recipient (the user), unless there is a prior commercial relationship or has been obtained from public sources freely accessible.
Everything else, as well as the massive and systematic sending of emails, is considered SPAM and as such, is subject to sanctions.
Before sending emails to your users and/or customers, make sure you have their acceptance and still try to send "responsible" emails.
It is not the same to send an email with a reminder of an appointment that the user and/or customer has requested, with an invoice or with information relevant to a service, to send monthly newsletters or advertising mails.
Although a user has given his consent to send advertising emails, remember not to send too many emails or not relevant information to them. Try to make a responsible or reasonable mailing.

When you send an email from the software, the software will check in the GDPR section of your record, if the customer has accepted the reception of communications or notices and if not expressly accepted, it will show you a warning.

automatic auto reminder dog grooming software

More info about Data Protection and GPRD:

Clic here

You can configure the payment methods accepted in your business. In this way, when you made a new sale/services/.. you can select if the customer has paid you with a credit-card, cash, check, ....

  • View Overdue: It allows you to select if you want the software to show you the booking, appointments, services, check-in and check-out "Overdue".


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