Complete Breeding app handbook

Now the application includes more information on the home. We call it "Magic Desk", because it will allow you to do many tasks that will make your daily work easier, "like by magic".

What includes?

  • Calendar

  • Quick access buttons

  • Next expected "female's heats"

  • Upcoming births of litters

  • Breeding females in "Heat" status currently

  • Finder for Customers and animals

  • Diary or Agenda

CALENDAR: by default shows the current day but you can navigate between days and the information displayed will change.

COMING FEMALE HEATS AND COMING BIRTHS: De un solo vistazo, "de forma mágica", podrás ver en los paneles superiores:

  • The litters that are expected to be born soon (in planned litters > expected birth date)

  • The females that will be in a state of heat soon (in view > animals > lateral menu > female heats).

    daily diary dog breeder

CURRENTLY FEMALE HEATS: The females that are currently in heat.

software next female heat reminder

The events you have recorded for today, the tasks and their priority, and any notice for clients, animals, suppliers, ...

If you have to call Stephany next week, include a notice, and the software will remind you on the day indicated.

Proffesional agenda for dog care

Includes an advanced customer and animal search to locate customers and animals quickly

It only shows 10 results, so if there are more than 10 matches, they will not all be displayed.

More information on ordering and search engines:

Clic here

client and animal finder

The daily Agenda is shown in the central part of the Desktop and includes the tasks, reservations, entries, exits and all the important information for the selected day.

This information will change, by selecting another day in the calendar.

buttons software animals

The quick access keys allow you to go to see that events/tasks/bookings ... and add a new event/tasks/bookings ...

When placing the cursor on an Event/tasks/... the options to edit and delete it will appear. In this way you save a lot of time.

If you mark an alert as Urgent, it will appear marked, so that "from a simple glance" you can see the most urgent matters and prioritize your tasks.

Pet Transport: If there are puppies scheduled for delivery on that day and you have selected the home delivery service, they will appear on the homepage to notify you that the transportation is scheduled for that day.

Breeders home delivery of puppies

If you click, the details of that reservation will open, allowing you to view all the information or modify the delivery date.


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