You can integrate the online booking system into your WordPress. The form will appear for your customers to request a booking.

To choose the one that best suits your needs, you have two options:

  • Include the form directly (this option is called iFrame Mode)

  • Include a button, and when clicked, the form opens in a pop-up window (this option is called Button Mode)

How to do it?

In Gespet, access your account and:

  • Go to Settings > Online Booking

  • In option 3. Integrate it into your website > Select the language you want, and you'll see two options: iFrame and Button.

  • If you want to include the button, in Button Mode, copy the code that appears:

    dog hotel online booking

    At the bottom, you'll see the preview. That's how the button will look when you include it on your website/blog.

  • If you want to include the form directly, in iFrame Mode, copy the code that appears:

    dog hotel online booking

In your WordPress:

    Option 1: Access the Code editor and paste the code where you want the button or form to appear.

    dog daycare

    Option 2: Use a plugin to allow inserting scripts. There are many, and you can choose the one you prefer, for example: "CSS & JavaScript toolbox," "Scripts n Styles," or any similar one.

    If you don't know how to do this, contact your webmaster to insert it into the part of the website you desire. 

    Wherever you have included it, the button will appear, which, when clicked, opens the form or the form directly, depending on the option you chose. And you don't have to do anything else.


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