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If you want, you can configure the redirection page of the form, that is, the destination page (the page that will be shown to the user after clicking the "Request booking/appointment" button).

If you don't write any, it will leave the user on the same page; it won't redirect them elsewhere.

It's very simple:

  • In the "Redirect Page" option, write the URL of the website you want to appear

  • Click Save.

This option is very useful if you want to show the user, for example, a page with more information about the stay/service conditions, a page with information about payment, or schedules, ... or whatever you prefer.

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You can also configure which page users can read your legal terms or privacy policy, so the user can read it before accepting it.

The user will have to accept your terms before requesting the booking, and this acceptance or "signature" of the conditions will be recorded in the software, in their customer profile, and you can consult it whenever you want.

They can also choose whether they want to receive notifications from you via email.

To check this information, you just need to access the Magic Desk or customer profile (View > customers > desired customer > right-hand side menu PRIVACY)

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The booking request system does not include payment options since, until you confirm the booking, it's just a request from the customer. However, you can include payment options or show more information to the customer after the request process.

As mentioned before, you can configure the page to which the user should be redirected after filling out the form.

Some common options include showing the user:

  • A payment page for them to pay a booking fee

  • Important information and considerations before the stay (vaccinations, deworming, etc.) and what they should bring (passport/veterinary record, food, collar, etc.)

  • If the owner takes the animal to the facility/grooming/clinic -> Information on how to get there, a map, and the animals' entry schedule

  • If there's a home pickup service -> Information about the pickup service, schedule, etc.

  • A page with advertising for other services your business offers that might interest them

  • Access to any restricted area of your website, if available: customer area, access to the webcam if you have monitoring service, etc.

  • Simply, you can take them back to the booking page or show them the home page. You decide.

The software complies with the International Standard ISO 8601:

  • 24-hour format for hours

  • YYYY-MM-DD format for dates

You cannot change this date/time format.

It may happen that a customer does not receive an email you send from the software. This could be due to:

  1. The customer's email address is misspelled or incomplete

  2. The customer's email address no longer exists

  3. The customer's email inbox is full

  4. The customer's email provider marked the email as Spam or promotions, etc.

    In this case, the email won't be in the inbox but in the Spam/promotions/etc. folder. (And even if the customer has configured their email provider to automatically empty those folders, they might not see the email because it has already been deleted.)


In the first three cases, you can't do anything to prevent it. If the customer doesn't enter a correct address or their inbox is full, that email won't reach its destination. (Whether you send it from the software or directly from your email customer.)

Note: When adding a customer's email address to the software, make sure it's complete and error-free.

In the fourth case, to prevent an email provider from marking emails as Spam/Promotions, etc., there's a simple solution: add that address to your contacts.

For example, if you add your friend Juan's email address to your contacts, the email customer interprets all emails you receive from Juan as desired messages and stores them in your inbox.

However, it's very likely that an email customer identifies as unwanted or Spam the emails received from unknown users, especially if sent by an automatic system (like our automatic online booking confirmation system).

To ensure your customers always receive emails you send from the software, you can recommend they add the email:

It's advisable that you also add our addresses to your contacts to receive all our emails and notifications: and

Note: This recommendation is very useful, even for emails you send directly from your email customer (not from the software). If a user adds your email address to their contacts, the emails you send will appear in their inbox.


For all emails sent from the software, we use all available anti-spam measures to prevent emails from being marked as Spam or junk mail: application of DNS modifications at the domain level to ensure correct email sending and reception, DNS records known as SPF and DKIM specific with RSA keys to prevent identity theft and prevent emails from being marked as spam.

In addition, we use secure and encrypted protocols (SSL/TLS) to ensure the privacy of all emails sent.

For emails sent from the software, what percentage of emails are received by customers?

Currently, our email delivery rate is over 96%, and the remaining 4% is due to the following errors in this order:

  • The destination email inbox is full

  • The destination email inbox is not available

  • The destination email address is incorrect

  • The destination email address no longer exists

If you have any doubts or want to ask us anything about this, contact us so we can provide you with more information.


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