How to configure coupons, offers and other special services

It's very likely in your business you offer some coupons/discounts, offers and special stay services. Here we teach you how to configure this kind of services in your app.

All the names, descriptions and prices used here are sample information. You can use whatever you consider more suitable for your business. In the Settings > Groomings services you could configure your business services and prices.

By default, in the app you have configured a standard stay price. For instance, $30 basic grooming service.

Also you could add additional complements, for instance, special shampoo, massage, transport, ...

If you charge different price depending on the breed or size of the animal, you can select the one that corresponds:

Or you can charge a standard price to all animals and an extra to large breeds, big animals, or long-haired breeds, ... For example:

You may offer a special price for services to multiple animals from the same customer. For example a customer wants a bath service for his 2 dogs:

In that case, instead of charging, for example $40 ($20 for each one), you want to charge a special price of $30 for the two animals.

You can do it as you prefer:

Option A - The fastest: Collect both animals at normal price and include a 50% discount on one of them.

Option B: To the first dog you apply the normal price and to the 2nd you apply a special price:

Option C: You charge both animals a special price of "2 animals together"

Each animal is different and therefore each service is also different. If an animal has more knots, it is necessary to use a special shampoo, charge a supplement for any reason, .. you can do it.

For example. Roko is a Maltese bichon:

  • He has many knots

  • We apply a special shampoo for white fur

  • It has very dry fur and we are going to apply a treatment

  • And in addition, the customer wants delivery, but he id a VIP customer, so we don't charge it.

Before, it was necessary for you to calculate the amount and edit the price. Now it is no longer necessary. You just have to write the amount and select if you want the discount in% or in money. For example - $10 or -10%.

With these options that we have seen so far, it is possible to charge any type of service and special discount. Creating a new rate or discounting the corresponding amount.

You can make price adjustments (for example, when the year starts you want to raise the price of your services).

Select the service, for example the "Bath" service that previously cost $10 and modify the price for the new one; For example now it will cost $12.

This price will be applied to new appointments and services, but not to the old ones that you already have registered in the system.

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If you have any questions, you want to propose that we write a help guide or a post on a topic or you just want to chat with us, don't hesitate. We are delighted to talk with you and get your opinion.

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