How to configure coupons, offers and other special services

It's very likely in your business you offer some coupons/discounts, offers and special stay services. Here we teach you how to configure this kind of services in your app.

All the names, descriptions and prices used here are sample information. You can use whatever you consider more suitable for your business. In the Settings > Hotel services you could configure your business services and prices.

By default, in the app you have configured a standard stay price. For instance, $30 basic haircut

Also you could add additional complements, for instance, special shampoo, massage, transport, ...

If you charge different price depending on the breed or size of the animal, you can select the one that corresponds:

Maybe you offer a special price to customers with multiple animals. For example: if you want to charge a special price of $12 (instead of charging the usual price of $15 / dog), to John (who has 2 dogs)you can do it:

You can add the corresponding services and include a Money Discount service:

If you offer discount coupons of the type "5 services and the 6th is free".


You can collect the first 5 of the usual way and the in the case of the sixth service you discount it, because it's free:

With all these options, you can sell any type of service and special discount. Creating a new rate or discounting the corresponding amount.

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