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Allows you to create different users, establish permissions for them, and control their access to the system.

It has been designed for companies with multiple employees and allows you to monitor the access of all users to the system.

It is very interesting because you can control employees' access, the time they spend using the software, and the information they can and cannot see.

You are the main user or ADMINISTRATOR.

The administrator user can:

  • Access any day at any time

  • Access all information

  • Create new users, change their password, etc.

You can modify the access passwords of different users. To do this, you just need to enter the current password and the new one. Additionally, for security reasons:

  • It will ask you to enter the new password twice. This way, we avoid typing errors.

  • It will show you if that password has a low, medium, or high security level. For ease of reference, you can see it in red, orange, or green colors.

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For your security and the security of your data, it is very important to have good habits with the passwords of the different accounts/services you use:

  • Change passwords regularly

  • Never use the same password on multiple sites or services

  • Do not share passwords with others or write them down, especially near the device

  • Change default passwords that devices and online services come with.

We have compiled different security tips and created a mini-guide with useful security tips. We recommend that you consult it.

Security Information

Every once in a while, the password you have configured for each user will expire or "expire." In other words, you will have to change it to a new password.
If the software displays the message that the password has expired, simply change it to a new password, and you can continue working normally.
We know this can be inconvenient, but our goal is to preserve your security and the security of your data

When you have added a new user, you can specify the days and hours when a user can access; thus, an employee cannot access outside the configured hours.

For example: Lisa can access from Monday to Friday at any time (without time restrictions):

pet software

Or John can only access on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 am to 6:15 pm.

You can specify the accessible or visible information for a user:

For example, Peter works in the accounting department, so:

  • He can only view reports.

  • Peter cannot change the price of a service or make a reservation.

John works in the hotel:

  • Takes care of animals, checks reservations/entries/exits

  • But you don't want Peter to view reports or modify the service price configuration.

As you can see, these options are really interesting for businesses with multiple employees or workers.

You can:

  • See when users log in and log out

  • See how many times they have logged in

  • Know the IP address (location) from which they are connected

  • Know the operating system they have accessed from (Android, Windows, Mac...)

Total control for you!! 

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