Mobile pet trainer - Service at home. Group customers by the area where they live

If you offer your training or education services "at home", it may be useful to group customers by the area where they live (address, neightborhood, ... )

If you are organizing your work route, you can see the customers grouped by the place where they live: city, state, neightborhood, etc.

In the option View > Customers > if you click on the ADDRESS option in the client list header, they are sorted alphabetically according to their address, and in this way, they would appear contiguous.

For example the customers 002 and 007 are the firsth because both live in the "downtown area", or customers 009 and 003 because they live in "Flowers neightborhood".

If today you are going to work in the "Downtown area", you can quickly see all the customers who live in that area to visit them, offer your services, ...

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If you want to see all the customers that live in a locality or in a province, you can click on "City" or "State" of the list header.

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