Pedigree and Inbreeding coefficient caculator

To add a new pedigree:

  1. Add the animal (NEW > ANIMAL)


  3. Select the animal

  4. Pedigree

AT THE TOP you see its information : You can edit its data, photo, ...

note: remember to click Save, if you make any changes.

You can also delete the pedigree. If you delete it, it cannot be recovered and will be removed from all pedigrees in which it appears.

By clicking the + button at the top right, you can:



imprimir el pedigree

When generating the document to print/send it by email, the document includes the photo, name and honors (awards), but DO NOT include defects or comments.

AT THE BOTTOM appears the pedigree.

In the upper left area appears the inbreeding coeficient percentage (The software traverses the genetic line to see the common parents and the grade. This inbreeding coeficient is calculated using the Hardiman's formula and is expressed as a percentage. For example, inbreeding coeficient is 10%.)

To easily identify ancestors, males are blue and females pink and are arranged according to a "family tree" scheme or structure.

If an animal has filled in the information about the Honors or Awards, appears the icon: . If there is information about defects or comments, appears the icon:

View the pedigree

The selected animal and the next 4 generations appear.

If you click on one of the animals, you can view its details and view its next 4 generations. So you can view infinite generations.

Add ancestors

To add the ancestors, click on one of them, for example on its father.

  • If the animal is already in your database, start typing the name and the matches will appear. Select the corresponding animal and its data is filled in automatically

  • If the animal is new, fill in the data and click Save.

For example, In the following video, we are going to add the father of this animal. Its name is Capricho and we had previously added it in our database with all its data, its parents, grandparents, etc.

We write Capricho, we click on Save and all the data is automatically completed (its information, its photo, its parents, grandparents, etc.)

imprimir pedigree perro

If he is not in the database, because it is a new animal, when we add an animal, for example to the father, its parents are enabled, so that you can now fill in the data of the parents of its father and so on.

Remove or disassociate ancestors

For example, you have selected Caramelo as Toby's father, but it is a mistake and you want to remove it from its pedigree. By clicking on the X in the upper right corner, that animal is removed from the pedigree.

imprimir pedigree perro

(It's not permanently removed, it's only unlinked from this pedigree)

Note - Email consumption: Every time you send an email from the software, 1 unit will be added to the emails consumed.
If you also want to send the email to your email inbox (by checking the option "send me a copy"), the email will also be sent to that address and another unit will be added to the emails consumed.

There is consanguinity if they have common parents. The software traces the genetic line (or pedigree) to see the common parents and the grade.

This consanguinity is calculated using Hardiman's formula and shows in percentage.

calculate inbreeding coefficient

For example, inbreeding is 9,38%. The female "Catalina VIPPFamous" is in the second and third generation.

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