How to add a new pedigree?

  1. Add the animal (NEW > ANIMAL)


  3. Select the animal

  4. Pedigree

  5. Click on the different animals of the pedigree to add the information

  6. Add the name, photo, and the rest of the information and click Save.


    • In the Honours option you can specifie prizes or awards won by an animal

    • In the Defects or comments option you can indicate the defects that may affect the genetic and it is interesting to consider when planning a crossbreed. For example, eliminating faults contemplated by the FCI or any details that you consider interesting.

    • In the pedigree, are marked in pink cells where females and in blue for males (To help you identify different animals).

    In the top area is the inbreeding coefficient caculator.

    There is consanguinity if they have common parents. The software traces the genetic line (or pedigree) to see the common parents and the grade.

    This consanguinity is calculated using Hardiman's formula and shows in percentage.

    For example, inbreeding is 9,38%. The female "Catalina VIPPFamous" is in the second and third generation.

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